VBS 2017

At Maker Fun Factory, kids discover that God made them—and for a purpose! Kids participate in memorable Bible-learning activities, sing catchy songs, play teamwork-building games, make and devour yummy treats, experience one-of-a-kind Bible adventures, collect Bible Memory Buddies to remind them of God’s love, and test out Sciency-Fun Gizmos they’ll take home and play with all summer long. Plus, kids will learn to look for evidence of God all around them through something called God Sightings. Each day concludes with the Funshop Finale that gets everyone involved in living what they’ve learned. Family members and friends are encouraged to join in daily for this special time. Kids will also get to join a missions effort to fund the digging of effective clean water wells for remote villages in Peru!

Maker Fun Factory will run from 9 am – 12 noon each day. For more information, email Jane Sackler.

Helping Children Follow Jesus

At Maker Fun Factory VBS, children don’t just hear about God’s love; they see it, touch it, sing it, taste it, and put it into action through God Sightings. As they travel from station to station, they go deeper into their understanding of God and God’s Son, Jesus. Most importantly, children learn that because Jesus loves us, he came to die for our sins and make a way for us to live with God forever. Maker Fun Factory helps children build relationships—with other children, with adults, and with Jesus. If you sense that your child might like to know more about what it means to follow Jesus, give this simple explanation: God loves us so much that he sent his Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for us. Jesus died and took the punishment for all the wrong things we do. But Jesus is stronger than death, and he came back to life! Jesus wants to be our friend forever. If we ask him to, he’ll take away the wrong things we’ve done and fill our lives with his love. Jesus will always be with us and will help us make the right choices. If we believe in Jesus and ask him to forgive us, someday we’ll live with him forever in heaven. You may want to lead them in a simple prayer inviting Jesus to be part of his or her life. You may also want to share one or more of the following Scripture passages with the child. Encourage the child to read the verses with you from his or her own Bible.

John 3:16Romans 5:8-11Romans 6:23Ephesians 2:4-8

If you would like help in talking with your child about their faith, please contact Jane Sackler or Pastor Jason. They would love to talk with you about guiding your child toward understanding what it means to believe in Jesus.