Staff & Officers


Jason Whitener
Derek Gillespie
Minister of Youth and Missions
Kimberly Read
Director of Children's Ministry
Jay Kratz
Director of Music Ministry
Jennifer Disla
DIrector of Community Connections and Women's Ministry
Lisa Paige
Preschool Director
Kristin Viets
Director of Senior Adults
Lori Harding
Director of Communications
Laura Mitchell
Accounting Manager
Empty Team
Jerusha Araujo
Wilson Pierre



Class of 2018

CJ Cerny
Pattie Damron
Doug Hill
Sandy McGilvray

Class of 2019

Kris Glidewell
Wolfgang Kurpiers*
Terry Maguire
Brad Mitchell

Class of 2020

Susan Brockway
Richard Burch
Amy Lee
Howard Prentice
Katy Ross

Jason Whitener, Pastor, Moderator of Session
Jean Stout, Clerk of Session


Class of 2018

Tom Best
Ali Cartwright

Class of 2019

Jeanie Burch
Tory Carmosino
Ann Degenhart
Debra Law
Mary Maguire
Rose Miller
Elizabeth Van Vliet

Class of 2020

Debbie Cerny
Nick Hartofilis
Susan Heim
Jason McCarthy
Richard Middlebrook
Erik Read
Travis Tunis
Sue Wilmot

Ann Degenhart, Moderator
Debbie Cerny, Vice-Moderator