Hope and Healing for Sexual Abuse Victims

Have you or has someone you know been a victim of sexual abuse? If so, we’re so sorry.

It’s not something we talk much about in the church, but we need to. The truth is the statistics are the same inside and outside of the church.

We want to help. We know that the after effects of sexual abuse can last a lifetime. Feelings of shame and despair can plague a person’s life. That’s why we’re grateful for organizations like Trees of Hope whose goal is to help sexual abuse survivors identify and learn how to properly deal with the hurt and effects of sexual abuse. Trees of Hope offers information, resources, and local Healing Groups. To find a group in your area, click here.

Are you interested in learning about sexual abuse prevention? Training for parents is available to help safeguard children from ever experiencing sexual abuse. Grace Community Church is considering offering this program for parents in our surrounding community. Click here to let us know you’re interested in attending an upcoming workshop.

Talking about sexual abuse is never easy. But, we want to start the conversation. If you’d like to speak with someone on our Men’s or Women’s Ministry teams or with Pastor Jason, click here.