Grace Groups

9:00am | Church on the Edge | Music Room

Acts presents the new community of the church in its finest hour—facing struggles and often under attack, but unstoppable with the incredible power and living presence of the Holy Spirit. Learn to identify and overcome the everyday challenges presented to Christians. The book of Acts picks up where the story of Jesus and his followers leaves off in the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John). As the narrative continues, we discover what happens as Jesus goes to the Father, as the Holy Spirit comes to Jesus’ followers, and as the church forms and spreads.

9:00am | Be Prepared: Equipping Kids to Face Today’s World | Library

In Essentials of Parenting: Be Prepared, authorities like Dr. Archibald Hart, Dr. Del Tackett, and Glenn Williams present practical plans for dealing with dangers including Internet porn, alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, and premarital sex. You’ll see how to resist the impulse to overprotect your child—and gain insights to help you prepare him or her for the world of today and tomorrow.

10:15am | 5 Practices of Fruitful Living | Music Room

Five Practices of Fruitful Living provides an honest, practical, and winsome guide to the spiritual journey. By repeating and deepening certain fundamental practices, we cooperate with God in our spiritual growth. These five practices – to receive God’s love, to love God in return, to grow in Christ, to serve others, and to give ourselves fully – as we attend to them and develop them, help us settle ourselves in God and become instruments of God’s grace. Following Christ will change your heart; and through you, God will change the world.

10:15am | The Book of Matthew | Library

Study the gospel of Matthew and learn more about the Kingdom of God.