The Foundation Impact

Since it’s creation in 1977, The Foundation has helped to support Grace Community Church in a variety of ways. From roof repairs and painting to AC repairs and technology improvements, The Foundation has aimed to support the needs of the Church in any way possible so it can continue to serve our community.

Endowment Fund

The endowment fund has helped to provide a wide variety of improvements to Grace Community Church including:

$1,000,000 since 1987

$50,000 In LED Lights

Eliminated Mortgage

Technological Upgrades

Legacy Donations

The Foundation manages two legacy funds to provide Scholarships for continuing education.

The Ippolite fund is designated for scholarships to students studying the Christian Ministry and in accredited medical schools. The Perry fund is designated for advanced degree scholarships.

Since 1987 these legacy scholarships have provided:

58 Scholarships since 2001

$758,000 since 1987