You may be asking yourself how Celebrate Grace! will affect you and how you can be involved in all of the exciting changes here at Grace.

There are three ways these changes will impact you:

  1. You get to encourage and support the new staff hire and bring life and meaning to the new
    service, the new logo, the new ministry to senior adults, and all of the new Grace Groups.
  2. You get to experience increased community connection by becoming part of a Grace Group.
  3. You get to be intentional in looking for ways to bring the ministry of our church into your
    communities, and to bring your communities into the life of our church.

There are five practical things we want you to do:

  1. Pray for the new mission, new logo, new staff hire, new Grace Groups, new service, and new
    Senior Adult Ministry.
  2. Sign up for a Grace Group at Celebrate Grace! on August 13th .
  3. Attend the first Senior Adult luncheon or volunteer to help serve at the first Senior Adult
  4. Invite someone to come to church, to your Grace Group, a Men’s Breakfast, a Women’s Tea, a
    mission project, Grace Community Preschool, etc.
  5. Think of one way you can connect someone in your community with Jesus, and then do it.

We can’t wait to celebrate these exciting new changes with everyone at Celebrate Grace! on August 13th!